The Colossal is a super boss that appears only in the special event; Lunar Base.

Tanky and hard-hitting, it does have one major flaw; speed. It starts off with -50% movement speed.

Proto 001

Very easy to run circles around it.

The hp for the Colossal scales with the game.

Million(match level)*0.8 = health for the Colossal.

Example, a level 400 game. 400 * million = 400,000,000.

400,000,000 * 0.8 = 320,000,000.

So, the maximum hp in this case would be 320,000,000.

It can resist Physicalico Physical, Thermalico Thermal, Chemicalico Chemical, and EnergyicoEnergy by 60%.

Spawns up to 5 Bladers and 10 Scouts at a time.

Combat Edit

  • Maelstrom. Fires projectiles in a ring at once. Bounces around, like a disc thrower. 200 Physicalico Physical damage per projectile. The amount of projectiles launched depends on the number of players. 15 projectiles per player.
  • Homing Missiles. 1,200. 500 over 2 seconds. Radius of 3 meters. It homes onto the target.
  • Beam. Fire a single, weak stream of EnergyicoEnergy. 250 damage, 25 RpS. Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Beam of Babil. 65K of pure damage. Ignores all types of resistances. Tough Body or Die another Day will not protect against it. 1 pierce. Locks-on to the target. Can not miss the chosen target. Cooldown of 1.5 seconds.
  • Nova Blast. 15m. 3K damage. Can possible stun players with a 20% chances. Stun lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Power Smite. 5K damage. Can attack four times at once for a total of 20K damage.


  • Attempts to chase down a player. Spams Homing Missiles.
  • At 95%, begins Beam and Maelstrom endless until the next phase. Speed picked up to -10%.
  • At 90%, speed is picked up to 25%. The ability to ram is now possible. Ram doubles the movement speed, and charges into a player.
  • At 85%, speed will be increased to 60%. Now able to use "Beam of Babil".
  • At 80%, starts a regeneration of 500 hp/second. Infinite duration. Also buffs resistances to 90% globally.
  • At 75%, boost speed up to 80%. Damage of attacks are also boosted by 5% more.
  • At 70%, enable ability to invulnerable. Take no form of damage for 15 seconds. Cooldown of 1.5 minutes.
  • At 60%, increase spawn cap of both bladers and scouts by 5. Also increases usage of Maelstrom.
  • At 20%, instantly recovers back to 80%.

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