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The sniper pulls up his rifle to his shoulder. He puts the crosshairs on a zombie. He draws in a deep breath and exhales half of it. Slowly he begins to squeeze the trigger, and when the rifle goes off, it comes as a surprise, like its supposed to. He watches in satisfaction and it tears THROUGH TEN ZOMBIES!!!!! The Crusher delivers maximun performance like a real sniper rifle should. It hits hard enough to stop a mech in its tracks for a second. This is the choice sniper rifle of Federation troops across the galaxy.

Damage: 2,500, 4000 RED Version 5500 BLACK Version

capacity: 10

Pierce: 10

ROF: 4 rps

Semi auto

ammo cost: $200 for 50 bullets, 2000 for 50 RED Version 3800 for 50 BLACK Version

Made by Xenon Supply Corp

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