- Daldenna -
Dominant Specie(s) Humans
Population 4,327,884,326
Status Fortified against Thera Virus

Daldenna is a planet in the Rac'tovar-Troahth system. It is 20% larger than the Earth, but due to Daldenna's lower density, the two planets have roughly equivalent gravities.

Daldenna is the planet where AXWAL is based. It contains large quantities of Daldennon, which is a very resilient metal named after the planet.

Roughly 60% of the planet is covered by water. The atmosphere of Daldenna contains trace amounts of Sennthol, which can counteract the Thera Virus. When Sennthol is concentrated, it destroys zombified flesh. The planet's population is 4,327,884,326.

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