"A strange, radioactive green zombie. Weakly clawing out of the shadows, it seems like a low-threat foe. And then you start shooting, and it's flesh eats the bullets, becoming stronger."
―Zombiepedia Entry

If you read the entry, that's pretty much what it is. A radioactive green shambler that gets shot, and grows more and more until it becomes the size of a Regurgitator. Exact stats below.

  • Health: 3000, 6000, 9000, 12000
  • Speed: 1 (+0.001 per damage) 2 (+0.002 per damage), etc. etc.
  • Damage: 80 (Is that a good ammount?)(+0.08 per damage) etc. etc.
  • Spawns: Rank 40?
  • Releases: When killed, explodes, releasing  a pile of radioactive goo similar to a Spitters, but three times as large.

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