"The torrents of fluoro-antimonic acid launched from the Dictator are almost certain to leave anything it points at little more than a puddle on the floor, provided the user can lift this leviathan of a gun."
―Official Description

The Dictator is a late-game light machine gun, created by Rancor. First showing up only at rank 40 and with the [RED] version only showing up for maximum level characters, the Dictator is a rare sight. Its capability of dealing titanic amounts of Chemical damage over time makes the Dictator one of the most powerful weapons for dealing with single, strong enemies late in the game.

Unfortunately, the Dictator pays for it in almost every other regard. Its monstrous size greatly limits movement and reloading efforts, and its very low fire rate and pierce compared to other LMGs hampers its use with hordes.


  • 90 damage per shot. 165 in the [RED] version. Deals Chemical damage.
  • Pierce is 2.0.
  • 750 additional Chemical damage over two seconds. 1650 in the [RED] version.
  • Six rounds per second. Full-auto firing mode.
  • 90 rounds of ammunition. Five second reload.
  • 50.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition cost is 360 credits for 200 rounds. High damage ammunition costs 1440 credits for 200 rounds.