"A needlessly complex weapon with a twin-feed system that allows it to fire in the middle of reloads. Combined with the large amounts of brass ornamentation, the Dreadnought seems less at home on the battlefield and more in a collector's home."
―Official Description
Weapon Conception
- Dreadnought -
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 220 | 480 | 720
Pierce 3.0
Rate of Fire 12.0 RPS | 5.0 RPS
Capacity 240
Reload Time 3.50 seconds | 4.80 seconds
Movement -52.0%
Firing Mode Full Automatic
Weapon Class LMG
Damage Type Physical
Approx. Drop Level 30 | 110 | 110
Ammo Cost 120/200 | 1200/200 | 1440/200
Additional Stats
Can fire while reloading at reduced speed
Cannot reload fully unless drained of ammo
Vents steam from sides while reloading (cosmetic)</br>
The Dreadnought is a light machine gun manufactured by Aeolipile Industries.

The Dreadnought is a highly complex piece of machinery, with various added design features such as the bi-pod doubling as a handgrip when not deployed, its internal water-cooled barrel with allowance for venting of steam in the case of an overheat, and large amounts of ornamentation.

What stands out the most, however, is its unusual dual magazine. The Dreadnought can continue to sustain fire even while in the middle of a reload as long as one of the magazines remains in place. However, it loses significant firepower while performing this and can only reload half of its capacity at a time.

If the player wishes to fully reload, they will have to drain the gun entirely of its ammunition first and then let its extended full reload take place. The gun cannot fire during the full reload.

Compared to other machine guns, the Dreadnought is fairly strong, but it is heavy and the gimmicky reload system can turn away some players. However, in skilled hands it can provide support without ever seeming to need to stop its fire, although it may slow at times.

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