The hand-drawn look of E-11

E-11 Lockdown is an under-barrel attachment made by Koprulu Marine Supply that can disable an large area of zombies for a short time.
"Fires special FE21 lockdown rounds that can disable a large area of zombies for enough time to escape."
―Official Description


It is an early-mid game attachment that is totally just worth it to attach on your primaries. It is mainly used for giving player time to run or just simply making the killing simpler. It is lethal against bosses given that they are totally disabled even for a short time. With proper augs such as extended and overclocked, it will be more useful than most high-rps high-pierce weapons for stopping hordes.


  • 12 sec disable, 6 sec for bosses ; 18 sec, 9 sec for bosses [RED]
  • 5 m blast radius
  • 60 energy cost
  • 60 sec cooldown
  • Can be augmented with:
    • Enlarged - increases blast radius
    • Extended - increases lockdown duation
    • Energy Efficiency - reduces energy cost
    • Overclocked - shortens cooldown