"These Grenades have an Unknown Origin, but are very powerful, explode into shrapnel, and are so hot they heat up the enemy from the inside."
―Official Description

The EX-674 Grenade is thrown by pressing "G". They are Yellow and Dark Grey, with White Lights were the M48's lights would be, and a Red-Orange "Skull and Crossbones" where the Star would be. This Grenade does have a Special "Elite" Version, which makes it much deadlier and better looking. In the Elite version, the grenade is dark grey, black and has yellow lights. And the Shrapnel explodes in Elite.

Damage: 3000/500 (Shrapnel) (+20% to Toxic and Energy) 5000/1000 (Shrapnel) (+30% to Toxic and Energy)

DoT: 200/300

Price: 10,000 for 10 50,000 for 10.

Pierce: 2 (Shrapnel) 3 (Shrapnel)

Explosion Radius: 3.5 Meters/4 Meters, 0.5 Meters (Shrapnel)

Throwing Range: 2 Meters

Shrapnel Range: 5 Meters/7 Meters

Damage Type: Thermal/Physical/Thermal/Thermal

Unlocked At: 30/50

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