The engineer is a class in SAS4. The engineer provides his team with turrets and robots that fight for the team. Other then that, he is no more then a basic assault troop.

Starts with 2000 health

starting skill: call for help: a robot troop comes to aid the team. It has 1000 health and is armed with and HVM 008. the robot gets 100 more health each level up and 10% more damage. 15 second cooldown and costs 15 energy. at skill point level 25, 3 robots will come.

mechanic: replenishes all turret ammo by 10%. 30 second cooldown and costs 45 energy. Each level up adds more ammo.

digital strainer: causes all robotic zombies to lose 1/10 of their health and causes less damage for five seconds. each level up adds another half second.

gearhead: makes whole team go faster by 10%. Each level up adds another 2% to it. Costs 30 energy and cooldowns in 20 seconds.

mingun machines: unlocks at rank twenty: deploys 3 minigun turrets: does 100 damage and holds 250 rounds. Fire rate is 10 rps. Every two levels adds another turret. Each level up adds 10 ammo and 10% damage.

thanks for reading!!

Ghostwolf18, who cant link his name oddly.

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