"The result of an ultimate mutation on a Regurgitator. Stronger than a Necrosis and bigger than every zombie else, this zombie spews out a Regurgitator, and also a lot of acid. Although the arms were modified by the zombie itself. Lives on the Regurgitator's nest."

~Description for the Evolved Regurgitator

Evolved Regurgitator is a raid boss. It's only fought on the last room of the mission Regurgitator's Nest. It has a VERY high health, severe attacks and very resistant. Can't have modifiers, as they would be useless, and he doesn't have a Savage version.


Health: 9,000,000

Damage: 600 per sec (Acidic Spew), 1,000 on impact, 450 per sec on the acid pool (Acidic Spit)

Attack Speed: One Acidic Spew per minute, one Gigantic Acidic Spit per 45 seconds.

Resistances: Physical (75%), Toxic (75%), Heat (75%).

Weaknesses: Electrical (25%)

Elements: Toxic (Both attacks)

Speed: Immobile

Special: Acidic Spew summons a Regurgitator, Acidic Spit explodes into a big pool of acid when the player is hit, or when it hits a wall.

Note: The head follows you, meaning that the acid spew won't be always straight the hole.

Note 2: No matter which level you have, he will only spawn Regurgitators. The Regurgitator, however, may spawn an insane quantity of Puke Worms when spewing acid or when dead.


This zombie is almost impossible to win if you don't have electrical weapons. His toxic attacks makes him dangerous, and the big radius of the acid forces you to have a high speed to avoid them. A high toxic resistance is advised here, and also a high speed. Distant attacks may help, since, on the mission, there's five Parasited Nests around him. On Multiplayer, it's advised to also be very distant and have high speed and high toxic resistance, but also have a very high piercing and a very high damage to deal with the Parasited Runners and the Regurgitators. It's VERY important to have a Medic on your group.