"A Mech created by Teknoboom to deal with enemies. Once they were infected they destroyed several Teknoboom Bases.They have several Variants and will attempt to destroy everything in their path."
―Official Description

German for Explosive Machine, they will blow up everything they see. The normal Mech has dual Rocket Launchers similar to the Feldhaubitz, and a heavy machine gun with a fire rate of 6 RPS that does 700 damage Without armor. The Thermal variant, Flammemaschine has dual machine guns like the striker and a flamethrower that does 150 damage and 30 per/sec. The Giftig-Maschine, (Toxic Machine) has dual short-range machine guns with a fire rate of 10 RPS that do 200 damage and a toxic rocket launcher that when it touches something, it turns into a cloud of gas similar to the Zombie Antidote skill, But green and does 500 damage on contact (rocket) and 30 per/sec. The Elektromaschine (Electric Machine) was inspired by the CM Gigavolt and the Jagdfaust. It has a melee exactly like the Zombie Mech's but does 15% more damage. It has dual guns Exactly like the Gigavolt except has a fire rate of 10 RPS. The main gun for this is Very similar to the Jagdfaust except it arcs and does 15% less damage. When defeated unleashes an Arc that does 20% of player max health. All of them have no Savage Version. All of them have a 75% chance to drop 2 Flugkorpers or 1-4 Teknoboom Rollenschucens, 25% chance of dropping a Teknoboom Geldschrank (Strongbox.), 75% of normal and 25% of Red Strongbox.

Health: Normal: 35,000. Thermal: 37,000 Chemical: 38,000 Shock: 40,000

Melee Attack Speed: (Shock Only) 4 sec Cooldown

Melee Attack Range: 3 Meters

Speed: Normal: 2 Meters per sec. Thermal: 2.3 Meters per sec. Toxic: 2.2 Meters per sec Shock: 2.4 Meters per sec.

Turning Speed: Normal, Thermal and Toxic: 60 Degrees per sec. Shock: 65 Degrees per sec.

XP level: Normal: 500 Thermal and Toxic: 600 Shock: 750

Appearance: Has 40% chance to replace Zombie Mech Elite.

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