The Explosives expert is based on zone control and crowd destruction.

Starting weapons, Z-6R and HVM001

Starting HP 2100, starting energy: 100

Active abilities:

Ability 1: Bomb: The Explosive expert chucks a bomb, dealing 300+(200*lvl) damage in a blast radius of 2+(.5*lvl)

energy cost: 20 cooldown: 15 seconds

ability 2: Landmines:The Explosives Expert lays down a mine, that will explode when stepped on by enemies or allies, though allies will not be Damaged (Cuz NK logic), Dealing 400+(300*lvl) damage with a blast radius of 3+(.5*lvl)

energy cost: 35

Ability 4: Explosive ammunition... The explosives expert has all of his bullets explode for 10+(lvl) seconds, giving them a bonus of 10+(2*lvl)% damage and a blast radius of 2m, but reduces accuracy and projectile speed

energy cost: 60, cooldown 90 seconds

Passive stuff!

Explosives Expertise: increases Explosive experts damage by 1% per level, giving a total bonus of 25% when maxed. Only applies to explosives.

Expanded Grenade pouches: Allows Explosives expert to carry more grenades, up to 50 more, when maxed.

Flak Jacket: Explosives expert reduces a certain amount of damage from physical and thermal sources 10% at level one, and +2% per level (max is 58% reduction.)

Kamikaze: Whenever explosives expert dies, He drops 4(+1 per 3 levels) grenades, dealing 1000+(250*lvl) damage each with a blast radius of 2+(.5*lvl) meters

Example Final Build (Tanky explosives Expert):

25 Body Armor expert, 25 Flak Jacket, 25 explosive Ammunition, 25 Explosives expertise

Armor: The basic 99|99|99 stuff...

Weapons: Luftplatzen, Feuerschlag, and HIKS 3100

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