"Okay, here we are. Infinity Industries found Patient Zero and wants you to kill it so that they can research the Thera Virus more thoroughly. For some reason, it's in Boreas."
―Text when you start the mission.

Tasks Edit

  1. Land on Boreas.
  2. Take the Infinity Tank to crash site of Patient Zero
  3. Search for Patient Zero
  4. When Patient Zero is found, kill it.
  5. Assign a player to carry it. Assigned player gets 50% movement debuff and can only use sidearm.
  6. Carry deceased Patient to Infinity Tank.
  7. Take Infinity Tank back to spaceship.
  8. Done.

Things to note Edit

Patient Zero is this mission's boss.

The Infinity Industries Strongboxes have a 1% chance to have the Infinity Series gear, except for the Tank.

The Turret will appear as a gun, not a turret.

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