"Unbelievably powerful and uncontrollable, the Flashfire it for of a scatter-sniper rifle. Athough it has slightly poor accuracy, the muzzle blast does incredible damage to nearby zombies, making it ideal to run up and shoot zombies in their faces."
―Official Description

The Flashfire is a physical sniper rifle that is probably disliked by most sharpshooters. Unlike all the sniper rifles, the flash fire can probably be able to miss a worm, shamblers and very unlikely, stalkers. But when like it says in the description the damage output made by this gun from Point Blank, the company and at that range. When touching a zombies, the gun muzzles will release a shock wave dealing 10000 damage to it and almost instantly gibing it. Also the bullets do incredible damage, 3000, and with a pierce of 5. But it has a slow fire rate of 2rps which cannot be buffed. Due to this, people might think of this gun for thin out crowds of Bloaters and particularly Shielders. A few more downsides are its capcity and reload. With a clip of 7 and a reload of 2.8 seconds, this weapons is not designed for continuous onslaughts of crowds of zombies. It also has a high movement penalty of -18%. It's appearance seems to be a modern day Russian Dragunov sniper rifle.

Obvious augments are capcity, race moded and deadly. It there was a more accurate augment that would be useful. Also note that this sniper rifle should be used by high healthier players. Edit

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