"With this weird gun thing made out of polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon, this 'thing' melts through zombies like no other. With fire, acid and explosions, this is the ultimate weapon. Good luck finding something that will survive the first few hits of this."
―Official Description

The Fluoroantimonic Acid Launcher is a highly dangerous, effective and costly weapon. On firing, it will first apply chemical damage, then it will set the zombie on fire, before finally exploding. It is a weapon without a class, so it needs special ammunition, which is ridiculously expensive. The container that the fluoroantimonic acid is stored in is a quantum backpack of sorts, with no need to reload. It only comes in one version, and cannot be augmented. It was made by a mad scientist in a underground bunker lab.

Stats Edit


10 chemical on hit, 1k chemical, 1k thermal then 500 physical in a 200px radius

Pierce: 1

Rate of Fire: 0.5/sec

Capacity: Infinite

Reload Time: None

Movement: -40%

Firing Mode: Semi-Auto

Damage Type: Chemical/Thermal/Physical

Approx Drop Level: 100

Ammo Cost: $10000/50

Trivia Edit

Fluroantimonic acid is about 100 quadrillion times more powerful than sulfuric acid. It explodes when touching water, burns with contact with water and kills any living thing in a few seconds.

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