Weapon Conception
- Gauss Blaster -
Gauss Blaster
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 50.8mm X 203.2mm sharp point 2.0 cal
Ammunition Material NeoSteel-tipped Titanium
Muzzle Velocity 3200 m/s
Weight 72 kg (unloaded)
78 kg (loaded)
Accessories shoulder rest, second hand grip, anti-gravity disc, 2-10X variable zoom scope
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 7200 WHITE Version
15000 RED Version
22500 BLACK Version
30000 Prem
Pierce 12, 18 BLACK Version
Rate of Fire 4 RPS, 5 RPS Prem
Capacity 1, 2 RED Version
Reload Time 2.4 sec
Area of Effect 0.2m
Movement -75%, -40% when not holding
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Sniper Rifle
Damage Type EnergyicoEnergy
Approx. Drop Level 52 WHITE Version&regular
100 RED Version&BLACK Version
Ammo Cost same as C-10 2.0 Canister Rifle
Single DPS [?] 5433.96 WHITE Version
11320.75 RED Version
16981.13 BLACK Version
22641.51 Prem
Ammo Used [?] Koprulu 2.0
Additional Stats
- Sniper Rifle Mastery: +1 to cap rather than +5
- like discs, it will damage enemies close enough to the projectile, but projectile is bullet speed
"Oversized shoulder-mounted sniper rifle with anti-gravity disc on front to help user steady the gun without tiring. Fires 50.8mm 2.0 cal bullets charged up with field of energy allows for coverage over wide area, increasing chance of hitting the target"
―Official Description
"Ah, firing sounds like one of those tank-mounted cannons doesn't it?"
―Assault Class

Gauss Blaster is a sniper rifle manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. It can be described as a shoulder-mounted RL, jsut loaded with titanium dart rather than a rocket.

History Edit

First created on 2504 during the Second Great War that consisted of multiple political powers and species, it was intended to be a modern tank-buster rocket launcher. However, lack of supplies forced soldiers to purely rely on physical ammunition, leading this to feed with common Koprulu 2.0 rounds, as it was used by C-10 2.0 Canister Rifles. However, the problem of weight and mobility forced the design to have weight focused on the front, letting user feed ammunition quickly from back. To let users keep the rifle held long enough to aim without tiring out, an anti-gravitational disc is equipped on front section, which also provides extreme steadiness. The high-velocity energetically-charged titanium bolts also proved to be extremely effective against enemy aircraft, being favored in place of rocket launchers to trade in AoE for destructiveness.

Triva Edit

  • Due to massive buff of +1 capacity for RED Version variant, WHITE Version version drops at same level as standard, as WHITE Version uses RED Version Stats except damage and ammo.

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