"A rail-gun assisted shotgun capable of speeding up 6 gauge buckshot pellets with integrated U-Chem powder up to that of sniper rifle's, causing devastating result to anything solid."
―Official Description
" Got power and pierce. Just all you need for a shotgun"
―Assault Class

Gauss Buckshot Cannon is an full-auto shotgun manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply.

Stats Edit

  • 350, 700 [RED], 1100 [BLACK] Physical Damage
  • 400, 800 [RED], 1300 [BLACK] Chemical Damage over 3 sec
  • 4 Fletchettes
  • 5 RPS
  • 4 Pierce
  • 8, 12 [RED] Capacity
  • 2.8 sec Reload
  • -25% Movement
  • Infinite Range
presenting... the first MEP(Magnetically Enhanced Projectile) buckshot shotgun!

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