Weapon Conception
- Gauss Cannon -
Gauss Cannon
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 550 WHITE Version
1600 RED Version
2400 BLACK Version
3200 Prem
Pierce 8
Rate of Fire 8 RPS
Capacity 120, 180 RED Version
Reload Time 3 sec
Movement -50%, -20% when not holding
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class LMG
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 23 WHITE Version
95 RED Version&BLACK Version
Single DPS [?] 4400 WHITE Version
12800 RED Version
19200 BLACK Version
25600 Prem
Ammo Used [?] Standard LMG Ammo
Additional Stats
Cannot move while shooting nor reloading
"An technological marvel modified from an vehicle-mounted heavy MG, capable of more than just shredding zombies to bits, it is also mobile and can be operated by a single soldier"
―Official Description

Gauss Cannon, originally made by Koprulu Marine Supply to attach on ships or vehicles for auto-turret or mounted MG, it had been modified by Shotlite and Rancor to be mobile enough for personnel use.


It had been used mainly by group of merceneries or government enforcement to deliver truly devastating firepower to the front lines. It uses 30mm 1.20 caliber piercing rounds to mainly used against armored ships and vehicles. When one of the delivery ships from KMS was shot down by the shockwave from destruction of planet Thera, engineers from both Shotlite and Rancor modified it to be used for mobile uses. However, the weight is too much to be carried around while shooting or reloading, so it is mainly used for holding the line in the back doing support. It uses an heavy clip instead of an belt, but quad-fed mags are capable of holding more than 100 rounds. Also, its resistance ignorance lets it be favored for general use.