Weapon Conception
- Gauss Launcher -
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Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 300 WHITE Version
750 RED Version
1125 BLACK Version
1500 Prem Anti-matter editAntimatter Impact

600 WHITE Version
1500 RED Version
2250 BLACK Version
3000 Prem Anti-matter editAntimatter Explosion

Total DoT/Projectile [?] 680 WHITE Version
1800 RED Version
2700 BLACK Version
3600 Prem EnergyicoEnergy over 2 sec
Pierce 12 for Anti-matter editAntimatter Explosion
∞ for EnergyicoEnergy DoT
Rate of Fire 4 RPS, 5 RPS BLACK Version
Capacity 5, 8 RED Version
Reload Time 3.8 sec, 3.2 sec Prem
Area of Effect 3m for Physicalico Physical Explosion
4m for EnergyicoEnergy DoT
Movement -40%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Rocket Launcher
Damage Type Anti-matter editAntimatter Instant Damage
EnergyicoEnergy DoT
Additional Stats
- Projectiles flies at bullet speed
- leaves vapor trail that fades away over 2 sec
- Projectile detonates 2m after initial impact with destroayable object
- Projectile detonates if hits undestroyable objects like walls
- Deals Physical impact damage to all zombies and destroyable objects when hit until detonates
"A rocket launcher that uses rail-gun technology to accelerate AM-AP rounds up to near-light speed, requiring the round a short time to explode after initial impact"
―Official Description
" Who said rockets don't pierce?"
―Heavy Class

Gauss Launcher is a semi-auto rocket launcher manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply. It uses 40mm AM-AP Rounds for ammo.

Augments Edit

  • Deadly: +10% Impact and Explosion Damage/level
  • Tenacious: +10% Energy DoT Damage/level
  • Extended: +10% Energy DoT Damage(multiplies with Tenacious) AND DoT duration/level, ultimately DoT Damage/sec remaining same
  • Piercing: +10% Pierce for Explosion/level, rockets pierce walls like it do with destroyable objects at level 10 or higher
  • Overclocked: +10% RPS/level
  • and rest of regular augments
Who said some of weapon conceptions are overcomplicated

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