" James Johnson went to a battefield where his army had just destroyed a large contingent of HVM mercenaries. Then, standing there, he saw him. He looked Death in the eye. Death himself. James was not scared, for he knew God was with him. The Reaper blinked. Then the Reaper handed him a rocket launcher. The Reaper thanked him for sending so many HVM souls to him and keeping him in business. As a reward, he gave him the launcher. He then disappeared, leaving James to wonder what just happened."
― official Backstory.

Damage: 1500

ROF: 10 rps

Pierce: 35

Capacity: 100

Full auto

Reload time: 5 seconds

No red or black versions

Extremely,extremely rare

Made by: The Grim Reaper

Produced by: Xenon Supply Corp

Antimatter damage

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