The Guardian is a robotic class in SAS5.

It's a 4 legged crab-like robot, it has 2 supporting spots on the left/right side to house weaponry.

It's an extremely powerful defensive war-machine capable of huge amounts of firepower.


The Guardian houses several supporting/defensive skills, hence the name but it has a couple capable of serious damage.

1. Aura Barrier. This creates a very durable shield that can block projectiles and infected alike. It lasts until the shields destruction. It's emmitted about 2 meters in front of the turret covering a 90 degree arc. Shots from behind the shield can pass through.

2. Bearings. This increases the turrets turning speed.

3. Loader. Increases reload speeds significantly.

4. Healing Systems, a beam that heals allies and speeds up revives. This has AOE.

7. Infernal Burst. A powerful fire-charge that can devestate nearby opponents.

8. Automated Weaponry can't be upgraded. It lets you have an auto-targetting pistol on the back of the Guardian.

Aura Barrier. [Activated] Costs 65 energy. Lasts until the shield's gone. 50 Second recharge.
A very durable barrier capable of holding back a lot of infected.
Level Health
1 5000


Bearings [passive]
Increases the turret turning speed.
Level time to turn 90 degrees
0 3 seconds
20 1 second
Loader [passive]
Increases the reload speed of weapons
Level % of time decrease
1 5%
25 50%
Healing systems. [Activated] Costs 5 energy per second.
A beam that heals allies with reasonable AOE, it can also speed up revives.
Level Healing per second Revive speed boost.
1 350 10%
20 2500 75%
Infernal Burst [Ultimate skill] [Activated] 105 energy cost, 5 minute cooldown. Slows the user by 25% for 5 seconds after use.
A devestating fiery charge capable of ravaging nearby flesh-based opponents.
Damage Radius Level
3,500 3.5 meters 1
500,000 11 meters. 30
Automated Weaponry [Ultimate skill] [Passive]
A pistol can be mounted on the back, this is automated and can fire independantly from the dual main guns.
Levels ???
1 N/A
1 N/A


The Guardian is very good at locking down chokepoints and path-ways, the fire power can deliver a lot of damage to bosses.

The low mobility means it may need support however.


1. It can use 2 weapons at once, this can be extremely useful and powerful for unleashing a lot of pain upon enemies.

2. Bleed/blood related things immunity, robots have no blood.

3. Only gets 25% of the normal speed penalty due to heavy weapons/armour, as well as only 25% recoil.

4. The Guardian can use weapons that would usually need to be mounted, however the Guardian needs to be stationary to do so.

5. A higher than normal energy supply, a 25% bonus to both capacity and regen rate.

6. A base 10% fire resistance


1. Poor move speed

2. The "turret" takes quite a while to turn. Around 3 seconds to just turn 90 degrees.

3. The Guardian is quite low and can't fire over barricades.

4. The Guardian is quite a large and wide target, evading is tough.

5. The Guardian takes 35% longer to revive than normal.

6. It can only have 2 weapons equipped.

7. A base 5% toxic weakness.


You may be thinking, "how can this wear armour"? It does this by taking armour pieces and breaking them down into a module, which can then be used by the Guardian. These cannot be used by other classes however once it's a modules*.

Armours can be found as a module or some armours can only be found as a module.

Modules can be used by a Guardian in the exact same way as any other class would use the normal armour form of it.

Modules look like normal armour piece but cube-shaped

*There are a couple of exceptions, for example the Cataclysm.


Move speed: 1/3rd of normal

Turret rotating speed: 30 degrees per second.



Work in progress.

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