Gun Mods are modifications that you find in strongboxes, purchase in store or Trade with other players. These are copies of augments that can have augments on them. They will come out with slots 1*** to 12**** from boxes. Purchased ones will always be either 10*** or 7*** depending on the item.

Super-Double-Extra-Bullet-Assist Edit

The SDEBA is a gun mod that doubles the current pellet payload.

Box quality (b)(neptunium is 100 box quality, black is 9, nanto is 8 etc.)

Level (l)


Z-Arm Super Booster Edit

Will boost any z-armtech weapon by 700 damage, and change reload time and movement penalty to, respectively 0.2 sec and 3%

This will be granted at level 100.


This is a reward and possibly joke conception to everyone who kept their Z-Arm Weapons.

Super-Shotgunifier-3000 Edit

Increases Fletchette number to 12.

Will only drop out of neptunium boxes at level 100


Add this to HIKS BLACK Version or HotspotBLACK Version and then you have the definition of OP.

Overloader Edit

Lets any beam weapon fire a devestating, constant, beam for 5 seconds before disabling the weapon for 11.5 seconds.

The beam has: +10% pierce, +75% damage, +50% ROF and +25% stronger effects (E.G. Burn).

Drop Rate: 1 + ((1+x)*2)% where x is equal to the tier of the box in question; e.g: Steel is 1, Titanium is 2, Molybdenum is 3...

Energy-Matter Converter Edit

A rare and complex modifier that lets the weapon convert the players energy into the weapon's respective munition. It costs energy equal to a single of the bullet's cost in order for the converter to make 10 of them. If the player outright can't afford even a single round somehow then this system will just store some of the player's energy and wait until the user and the system combined has enough.

Negative effects: an additional 1.5% movement penalty to the weapon

Drop Rate: 1 + (x-5)% where x is equal to the tier of the box in question; e.g: Steel is 1, Titanium is 2, Molybdenum is 3...

Element Change-ifier Edit

Changes damage type.

you can change the damage type at will afterward. pretty neat.

Drop level= 80+

Drop rate 2+(x-3)% X= Strongbox level. like in the ones above.

Will not add DoT, but will convert.


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