Weapon Conception
- HEV "Commando" Rifle -
HEV Commando Rifle
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 700 WHITE Version
2200 RED Version
3400 BLACK Version Physicalico Physical Impact Damage

1000 WHITE Version
3400 RED Version
5800 BLACK Version EnergyicoShock Arc Damage

Pierce 4 for bullet itself
6 for arcing
Rate of Fire 2 RPS
Capacity 9
Reload Time 2.2 sec
Area of Effect 1.8m arc range
Movement -20%
Firing Mode Semi-Auto (Bolt-Action)
Weapon Class Sniper Rifle
Damage Type Physicalico Physical and EnergyicoShock
Additional Stats
- Releases arcing every time the bullet hits a target.
- Getting hit by both bullet and arc (initial hit zombies and other unfortunate ones behind) will take both impace and arcing damage.
- If a zombie gets hit by multiple arcs, it'll take damage from all of the arcs individually.
"A bolt-action sniper rifle that uses bolt action to charge up regular sniper rounds up with highly unstable negetive charge, which bullet releases upon impact"
―Official Description
"Want something painful? Here it is;"
―Heavy Class: Marksmen Distribution

HEV Rifle aka "Commando" Rifle is a bolt-action hybrid damage sniper rifle manufactured by Koprulu Marine Supply.

History/Overview Edit

The HEV was originally intended to be a high-capacity battery-fed fully automatic sniper rifle. However, the urgent requirement of mid-battlefield marksmen Ghosts' primary weapon during The Great War forced it to become lightweight rifle with folding stock. Other modifications included arcing ability while using Koprulu standard .80 rounds to replenish ammo easily on the battlefield by simply looting other fallen snipers and marksmen.

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