"A full-piece body suit that only works when all the parts are put toghether. When the suit is on and whole, it is to be feared like an immortal. Except that it is extremely heavy."
―Not-quite official description
- HIKS T1000 -
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Base Stats
Physical Def. 10,000
Thermal Def. 5,500
Chemical Def. 7,000
Energy Def. 5,500
Move Speed -80%
Recovery Speed -25% recovery time
Approx. Drop Level My ass
The HIKS T1000 is a full piece body suit developed by Harris Intelligent Kill Systems. It requires every piece (helm, chestplate, gauntlets, greeves, and boots) to assemble and provides immense protection from many things, especially physical damage. The suit also allows the wearer to recover faster from death, and has a unique drop level. The suit can only be augmented as a whole, and is as augmentative as a weapon, having up to 3 slots (4 with EAC enhancements).

Augments Available Edit



Heat resistant

CQC enhanced

Body Fueling


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