- HVM-HTD Kevlar Set -
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Base Stats
Physical Def. 340 | 860 | 2580
Thermal Def. 110 | 335 | 1005
Chemical Def. 120 | 435 | 1305
Move Speed +4.0%
Approx. Drop Level 11-19 | 53-71
Additional Stats
Statistics are for full armor set
"A tough and reliable armor set for advanced front-line duty. Multiple layers of Kevlar mixed with thin ceramic plates allow for enhanced protection over the standard issue."
―In-game description

The HVM-HTD Kevlar Set is an improvement on the HVM Kevlar series manufactured by HVM's High Technology Division.

The HTD Kevlar set is a good measure tougher than either of the standard HVM armor sets, but still falls short in Physical defense when compared to the likes of armor like the Special Operations set. Its [RED] and [BLACK] variants rectify this issue and allow for the HTD Kevlar to be a powerful mid-level armor set, backed up by the movement bonuses provided by the pants and boots.

Armor Pieces Edit

The five armor pieces that make up the HTD Kevlar set are as follows. All armor values are given in Physical/Thermal/Chemical for standard, [RED], and [BLACK].

  • HVM-HTD Kevlar Helmet - 60/15/15 | 110/50/70 | 330/150/210. Drops at Rank 13/59.
  • HVM-HTD Kevlar Vest - 120/40/50 | 340/140/180 | 1020/420/540. Drops at Rank 18/68.
  • HVM-HTD Kevlar Gloves - 30/10/10 | 80/25/30 | 240/75/90. Drops at Rank 11/53.
  • HVM-HTD Kevlar Pants - 80/30/40 | 225/80/110 | 675/240/330, +2.0% movement modifier. Drops at Rank 19/71.
  • HVM-HTD Kevlar Boots - 50/25/15 | 105/40/45 | 315/120/135, +2.0% movement modifier. Drops at Rank 18/68.

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