"The 002-HTD sacrifices the rate of fire of the original HVM 002 in exchange for a much heavier round and a powerful electrostatic charge. Although on the flashy side, it is a favorite of veteran strike teams."
―Official Description

The HVM 002-HTD is an energy sub-machine gun manufactured by HVM's High Technology Division. Swapping out the high fire rate of the standard 002 for vastly improved damage and piercing ability, the 002-HTD behaves more akin to a small assault rifle. Its clip is a little on the small side for an SMG, but oftentimes the 002-HTD will clear out a large enough area to allow for easy reloading, helped along by its improvement in reload time over the standard 002.

Statistics Edit

  • 210 damage per round. 460 in the [RED] variant. Deals Energy damage.
  • Pierces up to two zombies.
  • Clip size is 45 rounds.
  • Firing rate is ten rounds per second. Full automatic firing mode.
  • Two second reload time.
  • -4.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition costs 120 credits for 200 rounds of ammunition, or 480 credits for 200 rounds of High Damage ammunition. The [RED] variant multiplies ammo costs by a factor of ten.

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