"Fully-automatic shotgun. When the need for something full-auto and not an SMG/Assault Rifle, This was the result. Although critisised for it's impractibility, Thanks to it's weight, It is better than the 004 in terms of fire rate and damage per second. Although made illegal on some planets due to it's Thermal ammunition.


Damage: 25 per flechette, 35 per flechette [RED]

Rate of Fire: 11 RPS,

Capacity: 14, 28 [RED]

Movement:  -16.67% (-1/6 of your Normal speed)

Pierce: 2.0, 4.0 [RED]

Number of Flechettes: 10, 15 [RED]

Ammo: $160 for 100 rounds, $1600 for 200 rounds

Damage Type: Thermal

Damage over Time: 15 per sec, Lasts 3 secs, 10 per sec, Lasts 5.5 secs [RED]

Appears ONLY in Molybnedum Strongboxes starting at Level 20. It is Quite inaccurate, Forcing you to go in if you really want the 1050 dmg. 

History of the HVM 003 Edit

When first released, It was heavily critisised for it's Thermal ammo, And weight. It started mass-production 3029. It was still in production until 3097. When multiple shootings occured with this weapon. The killers were even former HVM employees. The victims were reported to have died in less than 3 seconds. After those shootings, This weapon was made illegal and only made today for military use. Although you can't get your hands on one. Since only the Space Marines (Mentioned in SAS 3) use it.

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