"Seeing the immense popularity of Smoke Stack's 1887 Shockfield gun, HVM scrambled to get their hands on its technology and commissioned the High Technology Division to design a competitor utilizing high-temperature slugs as an interim solution. The results were moderately successful, although whether to say the project succeeded is another story."
―Official Description

The HVM 004-HTD is a thermal shotgun manufactured by HVM's High Technology Division. A direct attempt by HVM to capitalize off of the Shockfield craze, the 004-HTD behaves very similarly to a downscaled Shockfield. While it has a larger capacity, it inherits the movement penalty and longer reload time of the standard 004, as well as having a lower damage capacity than the Shockfield. Additionally, unlike most other Thermal weapons, the 004-HTD lacks a damage-over-time feature.

Statistics Edit

  • 120 damage per pellet, with a total of ten pellets. The [RED] variant increases to 180 damage per pellet and a total of twelve pellets.
  • Pierces two zombies.
  • Clip size is ten rounds.
  • Firing rate is eight rounds per second. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • 2.40 second reload time.
  • -15.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition costs 160 credits for 100 rounds of ammunition, or 640 credits for 100 rounds of High Damage ammunition. The [RED] variant increases the cost of ammunition by a factor of ten.

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