The HVM 005B-HTD

"An extensively modified HVM 005, the 005B-HTD offers heavy burst fire at a low weight cost. The weapon has, however, drawn extensive criticism for its fragile collapsible stock."
―Official Description

The HVM 005 B-Class HTD is an assault rifle manufactured by HVM's High Technology Division. Outwardly, the 005B-HTD greatly resembles the standard HVM 005G, but the two weapons behave much unlike one another, with the 005G being a traditional assault rifle and the 005B-HTD instead being a burst-fire assault rifle.

The 005B-HTD is best compared to the Raptor; while the 005B-HTD has a greater damage potential and a slightly faster reload, the Raptor is more mobile and has a larger capacity.

Statistics Edit

  • Deals 160 damage per shot. The [RED] variant increases damage to 280. Deals Physical damage.
  • Pierces two zombies. The [RED] variant pierces three zombies.
  • Fires a five-round burst at 20 RPS per mouse click.
  • Clip size of 50 rounds.
  • Fires two bursts per second.
  • Takes 2.30 seconds to reload.
  • -10.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition costs 80 credits for 200 rounds of ammunition, or 320 credits for 200 rounds of High Damage ammunition. The [RED] variant multiplies ammunition costs by a factor of ten.

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