"Utilizing a prototypical overclock mechanism and an extended magazine, the 005G-HTD fires far faster than its standard compatriot, putting out far more bullets at the expense of almost everything else."
―Official Description

The HVM 005G-HTD is a heavy-duty physical assault rifle manufactured by HVM's High Technology Division. The 005G-HTD offers a doubled fire rate over the standard 005 G-Class as well as a slightly increased clip. However, its damage, reload time, and movement penalty all suffer to allow for the modifications. It is one of the earliest of HVM-HTD's weapons to be made avaliable to the player.

Statistics Edit

  • 110 damage per round. The [RED] variant increases damage to 260. Deals Physical damage.
  • Pierces up to two zombies.
  • Clip size is 65 rounds.
  • Firing rate is fourteen rounds per second. Fully automatic firing mode.
  • 2.75 second reload time.
  • -15.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition costs 80 credits for 200 rounds of regular ammunition, or 320 credits for 200 rounds of High Damage ammunition. The [RED] variant multiplies ammunition costs by a factor of ten.

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