Weapon Conception
- HVM 006 -
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Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 1000, 2000 RED Version
Pierce 5
Rate of Fire 6 RPS
Capacity 15, 30 RED Version
Movement -16.67%
Firing Mode Semi Automatic
Weapon Class Sniper Rifle
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level ~50 based on original info given
Ammo Used [?] Physical Sniper Rifle ammo
""Semi-automatic Sniper rifle. When the 003 was banned for civilian use, HVM ever since only made Physical damage weapons. And to compete with Rubicon's RIA 50, The HVM 006 was the answer. Lighter than the RIA 50, It outclassed it even in damage. Able to pierce through 6 meters of flesh. And 3 meters of Thulium. However, When an attempted assasination occured with this, It was immediately banned for civilian use. Now produced in small numbers, It is only used by Special operations units.""
―Official description (tbh this should be shortened by original maker of page)

HVM 006 Edit


Semi auto goodness with damage combined, Even better? It's lighter! Problem? Twice as expensive ammo.

Damage: 1000, 2000 [RED]

Rate of Fire: 6 RPS

Capacity: 15, 30 [RED]

Movement: -16.67%

Pierce: 5.0

Ammo: $320 for 60 rounds, $3200 for 60 rounds

Damage type: Physical

Starts appearing in Neo boxes at lvl 45. VERY accurate. You can even shoot a zombie off-screen! Now all you need to do is be able to support the ammo cost...

History of the HVM 006 Edit

First started production in 3062. Ended in 3095. After the attempted assassination of the President, This weapon was immediately banned for civilian use. Now only produced in small numbers for the space marines.

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