"Long a black mark in the books of HVM, the 008-HTD project was shut down years ago, but was restarted and the first models have seen extremely limited use after the rise of the Thera Virus. The infamy of the weapon has not died down, but it has at least proven itself in very specific roles."
―Official Description

The HVM 008-HTD is a highly specialized chemical light machine gun manufactured by HVM's High Technology Division. Drawing on matter floating through the air to create and fire its bullets, the 008-HTD has an effectively unlimited clip size and does not need to reload, coming at the expense of disappointing damage and firing rate values.

Instead of a clip, the 008-HTD has a strain meter. Firing the gun for too long will begin to cause damage to the player as the matter around the gun is depleted and it begins drawing matter out from the user's body to fuel itself. However, firing when the gun is highly strained may be useful in some situations, as the gun gains an increase to its damage. Moving around will slow the buildup of the strain meter, and not firing will reverse the buildup.

Statistics Edit

  • 190 damage per round. 300 damage in the [RED] variant. Deals Chemical damage.
  • Damage increases by fifty percent if the gun is strained.
  • Pierces up to three zombies.
  • Unlimited clip size.
  • Firing rate is six rounds per second. Full automatic firing mode.
  • Straining time is 15 seconds, 25 if moving. Recovery time is three seconds.
  • Begins damaging the player for 1000 hit points per second if strained.
  • Does not need to reload.
  • -44.0% movement penalty.
  • Unlimited ammunition. Cannot use High Damage rounds.

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