HVM 009Edit

"A question asked by the HVM President: "What do you get when you mix an Assault Rifle and LMG? You get the 009 that's what." This Assault rifle/LMG mix is very good for all around combat. It has the capacity of an LMG while it weighs as much as an Assault rifle. Although produced in extremely small numbers, There is no doubt any assault rifle/LMG mix better than this."
―Official Description
Damage: 350, 700 [RED]

Rate of Fire: 20 RPS

Capacity: 600, 950 [RED]

Movement: - 2%

Pierce: 3.0

Ammo:$640 for 200 rounds

Extremely rare. Only found in Nantonium boxes at lvl 200. At lvl 100, Only a 0.0001% chance to find this. Expensive ammo, What else do you want? Although very good gun regardless. Also certain augments, Such as Capacity and Race Modded, Cannot be put on as augments. 

Unfortunately, This was never mass produced. So there is no history. Other than it started production in 3102.

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