"The HVM 010 is a good sniper rifle for military use. Featuring the tried and true bolt action system, accuracy is a given. However, recoil is not exactly the best of any rifle. Handling is often compared to 21st Century era .50 BMG rifles."
―Official Description

Picture by Wacky

The HVM 010 is an early-game sniper rifle made by HVM in SAS: Zombie Assault 4(5?). Being the most early-game sniper rifle, starting appear in boxes at just rank 2, the stats are fairly low for a Sniper Rifle. This being said, it has a surprisingly low movement reduction for it's kind of gun. Every shot by it recoils you by 10 pixels.


Ammo Cost: 160 for 60, 500 for 60 high damage. 1600 for [RED], 2000 for high damage [RED]

Damage: 550, 900 [RED]

Pierce: 3, 4.5 [RED]

Rate of Fire: 1 rps

Capacity: 5

Reload Speed: 2.25 sec

Movement: -10%

Firing Mode: Semi-Auto

Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle

Damage Type: Physical.


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