"An offshoot of HVM that designs more experimental and high-tech weapons than the regular division. Their weapons are rarely authorized for mass production, but those that are end up being highly coveted as they are some of the most powerful equipment affordable by many forces. Their armor, although not as widely known, is also considered of excellent quality."
―In-game description
The HVM High Technology Division (HVM-HTD) is a weapon and armor manufacturer branching from its parent company, HVM. Its designs are thus very similar to normal HVM weapons, however with a more futuristic and experimental look. To more easily diffrentiate between the High Technology Division and its standard counterpart, HVM-HTD weapons are colored a much darker green than normal HVM weapons.

HVM-HTD weapons are often superior to their normal compatriots, occupying a power level alongside the likes of Ronson and Critical Mass. They use a wide variety of damage types and make for excellent weapons for a multitude of situations. Some possess a generalist role, while certain others are more specialized to specific tasks. HVM-HTD armor is also an excellent choice for those who do not wish to specialize in any roles, offering moderate armor values for all damage types and very small movement bonuses.

The naming scheme of HVM-HTD is very much like normal HVM weaponry, being "HVM 00x-HTD".

Weapons Edit

HVM-HTD makes a wide variety of weapons, most of which are based off of its parent company's designs with a few original concepts.

Sidearms Edit

SMGs Edit

Assault Rifles Edit

Light Machine Guns Edit

Rocket Launchers Edit

Shotguns Edit

Disc Throwers Edit

Sniper Rifles Edit

Armor Edit

HVM-HTD makes two armor sets much like its parent company.

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