The Harsh Beacon is a product by Shotlite that's capable of calling the Harsh gun-ship.

This can only be used in an open area.

Only 1 can be active at a given moment and they're rare from high-tier crates.

Harsh gunshipEdit

The Harsh gunship is a Shotlite warmachine, famous for it's ability to punish huge groups of opponents with ease.

When it arrives (5 or so seconds after the beacons placement) it will drop a cluster of 3 Spitfires. Both the Harsh and the turrets will quickly begin surpressing any opponents.

The Harsh stays for a few minutes.

The Harsh's abilitiesEdit

1: It can drop carpet bombs. Roughly a 3x20 bomb run. Each bomb is capable of fairly massive damage.

2: It has a pair of huge cannons that do a great job against large targets. Each cannon holds 4 shots and has a 2 second reload time.

3: It has a pair of heavy machineguns. These act like the cannons but they prefer quantity over quality (the bullets still hit very hard though).


The damage and ROF of the Harsh is doubled. The turrets dropped goes up to 5 and the Harsh stays for 50% longer.

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