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Manufactures Weaponry, light vehicles, and glassware
Founded April 17, 3088
Design Pattern Often more towards flowing designs, Helios takes to desert colors, combined with a deep red to help the wielder feel the heat
"Originating from Rubicon's own Thermal armament development team, Helios Fabrication Co. manufactures some of the most potent thermal weaponry known, in spite of being a rather new company"
"Hotter than the sun."
―Helios Slogan

Helios Fabrication Corporation Edit

Living close to a sun on a small desert planet has created an interesting weapons manufacturer, The Helios Fabrication company. Though still small, the corporation has made some incredibly successful armaments including multiple weapons, and a Turret.

Profits Edit

Amusingly enough, Helios doesn't make a majority of its profit from the sale of weaponry, but instead makes it from the manufacturing of high quality glass with a beautiful natural spectrum, that is also incredibly temperature resistant, meaning that glass coffee mugs are easily possible.

Actual percent breakdown:

  • 46.5% armaments, vehicles, and tools of war
  • 53% glassware
  • .5% other (nobody knows)

Weapons Edit

Assault Rifles Edit

- Seraph

- Avenger

Flamethrower Edit


Laser Edit

- Archangel

Terra Weapons Edit

- Terra Smite

SMG Edit

- Daunting Smite

Rocket Launcher Edit



Turret Edit

- Terra Storm

Shotgun Edit

- Solar Flare

Armor Edit

A brief History of Helios Fabrication Co. Edit

3088- A small development team from Rubicon Industries leaves the company, as a response to the General public's dislike of their masterpiece, the "RIA 20 Striker"

3092- Dev team stops in the small colony on the planet Naxos for a break, but end up coming back to set up shop

3093- Helios Fabrication Company Founded, on June 28th

3094- Helios Fab. Co. Releases its First firearm, named the Avenger, often called "Striker 2.5" by the general public, and is a huge success

3097- Following the success of their first weapon, Helios releases a much heavier assault rifle, called the Seraph

3098- After recruiting some former Ronson employees, Helios develops a plasma-based flamethrower, called the Vigil.

3100- Helios Fab. Co. redesigns its current weapons to get a more flowing, rounded feel.

3105- Helios Fab. Co. Hires large contingents of mercenaries to keep any form of Zombie away from Naxos.

3106- A nameless Helios Employee Creates Helios Dark Edition, which when discovered is kept as a secondary part of the company, similar to the High Tech Division of HVM

3107- Helios Fab. Co. Begins establishing a long-standing trade agreement with Xenon Supply Corp, where shortly after a group of Manufacturers come together in order to stop foul play on the Part of High Value Metrics (HVM).

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