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Hellstorm - Logo
Manufactures Weapon Manufacturer
Founded 2982
3086 (small-arm branch)
Design Pattern Blue/Gray coloration
"Type-N [name]"
"Originally a builder of naval warships, Hellstorm's recently-established small-arms division has already made a formidable showing on the battlefield with the tremendous versatility of the 'Stormshot' canister projectile system, allowing for incredible variety in the usage of their weapons."
―Official description
Hellstorm is a weapon manufacturer with a wide variety of weapon designs of various damage types.

Hellstorm is a fairly recent entry to the small-arms market, but are no strangers to military manufacturing. The largest percentage of their manufacturing is devoted to warships, naval rocketry and cannons, and other aquatic tech. Nevertheless, Hellstorm's small-arms division is highly varied and offers excellent damage-dealing capabilities thanks to liberal use of their patented "canister shot", which allows for a much more extensive variety of payloads compared to a regular bullet. Hellstorm weapons can load practically anything in their canisters, from tungsten carbide penetrators, deadly acidic compounds, napalm and other incendiaries, to even hyper-pressurized air to buffet enemies around like leaves in a gale.

Hellstorm weapons are colored a dark blue and gray, with orange highlights. The weapons' outer casings are frequently designed with heavily curving patterns reminiscent of ocean waves. [RED] variants turn the highlights red, and [BLACK] variants turn the highlights white and all other portions black or very dark gray.

Weapons Edit

Hellstorm manufactures the following weapons.

Sidearms Edit

Submachine Guns Edit

Assault Rifles Edit

Automatic Shotguns Edit

Light Machine Guns Edit

Sniper Rifles Edit

Rocket Launchers Edit

Turrets Edit

Impulse Launchers Edit

Relations Edit

  • Shotlite - Hellstorm and Shotlite have poor opinions of one another, helped in no small part by two particularly ugly legal battles in which each manufacturer was forced by the other to end manufacturing of one of its popular weapon designs. Shotlite was forced to discontinue its Typhoon machine gun, while Hellstorm had to cease production of the Type-6.
  • Teknoboom - The two manufacturers worked closely together to develop impulse launcher weaponry, and are on fairly good terms. Teknoboom's T-092 and Hellstorm's Type-9U and Type-9S are results of this collaboration.
  • Aeolipile Industries - Save for a PR snarl involving an Aeolipile-built defense array shooting down a flight of Hellstorm dropships due to an IFF error, the two manufacturers do not interact much.

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