Oo"This is Biochemical Engineering facility B-25C. Most staffs are infected and virus is spreading. Reguesting immediate support and extraction" - Emergency Voice Call log 25C4A-F9 -

"Alright boys! Listen up! Slick is the commanding officer on this mission! Rally behind thunder squad! Koprulu's Alice Station, also our manufacturing and development branch, have been infected. They have requested immediate support and extraction. Our mission is simple. Go in there, kill the zombies, help any survivors, and get them away from zombies. Mr. Johnson has said that our station is the utmost importance. Don't lose them. Also, try not steal anything. I know that their guns are nice and shiny, but Mr.Johnson wouldn't be happy." - Xenon Supply Corp Briefing Mission No. 5982 -

Stages Edit

  1. Infiltrate the base: kill all infected and power up self-defense protocol
  2. Rescue any Engineers
  3. Head to Bio-Purge Control room
  4. Destroy all spawn nests to reach control room and activate Bio-Purge
  5. Eliminate hordes zombies raging from Bio-Purge

Notes: you will play as a Xenon merc in this. Also, it will make any Xenon class available to you.

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