"Tamer Industries has asked to have some Elite SAS Troopers to assist them on taking over a Zombified Base."

Helping out Tamer Industries is a mission unlocked at level 55.

Intro Scene Edit

"Good, you've arrived. Here are your instructions, listen to them carefully. First, meet up with some of my soldiers and find Officer Jenkins. Next, Jenkins will show you to the Ambush Location. Take this Modified Hornet and Take out the zombies guarding the Gate. After you have made it inside the base, take out the Devastator guarding the Main room and then Hack the computer to open the Rooms to the left and right. Once you've completed those rooms, move on to where the major zombies are. After you have taken out the Army of Regurgitators, head outside to where you started I'll reward you and we will always remember you. Good Luck."

Stages Edit

Stage 1: Meet up with the Soldiers and find Officer Jenkins, then use the Modified Hornet (Better Suppressor, HD Ammo, Concussive Bullets.) and snipe out the Apex Zombies and the Regurgitators.

Stage 2: After Jenkins opens the Gate, You will take out the Devastator and Stalkers. Hack the Computer to open the Left and Right Gates.

Stage 3: Kill the 2 Zombie Mechs and Zombroids in each room, then turn on the Reactors to open the Final Room. Once the Boss and Regurgitator army is defeated, head back to the Ambush spot, where I will be waiting with your reward and to say farewell.

Trivia Edit

The Soldiers have the EXA-736 and The EXSPA Set. Jenkins has dual EXP-246s and EXPSA Set with Officer's Helmet.

The Rewards are: 1 TameFroggy's Strongbox, Two Strongboxes, 20 EX-674 Grenades and 15 SAS cash packs, a, EX-Silencer and a, EX-Plasma Knife.

The Hornet Has yellow instead of green.

Some of the Zombies will be Nightmarish.

There are 15 Regurgitators in survival and +5 every 10 levels in multiplayer.

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