"This is very dangerous operation. Huge tunnels have been discovered underground, and there's been reports of the infected coming out of these tunnels. You need to eradicate all the infected from these tunnels so the cleanup crew can safely collapse the tunnels. But be warned: we've had rumors of a extremely powerful being at the end of the tunnels. As such, we are sending you off with 7 other SAS Operatives."


Huge Tunnels is a special mission unlocked at rank 40 (O_O). The reason for this is that the boss is very powerful (Even more than a Savage Necrosis). All you have to do is get to the end and kill the Mega Worm. There is a maximum of 8 players, and a minimum of 4.



Pink = Medkit, Red Bars = Zombie Spawns, Light Grey in background = Loot Rooms, Orange = Regurgitators, Worm Thingy = Boss

This is the map.  Legend is in the pic description.

There are many loot rooms in this map, and each one contains 2 loot items.

Start at the upper left corner


  • Make it to the tunnels (down the corridor in the upper left)
  • Clear the zombies (battle zombies for 45 seconds in the open space)
  • Defeat the regurgitator
  • Find your way to the maze
  • Walk through the maze
  • Defeat the Regurgitator
  • Investigate the large, open room
  • Win the boss battle