[Sentient Specie]
- Hyaciori -


Alien 2-0

Native Habitat: Caerula Scentrosha
Affiliation: independent (previous)
infected (present)
Organism Type: Sentient Specie
Base HP: +50% than human
Melee Damage: +50% than human
Movement Speed: +50% than human
XP Value: +50% than human
Additional Stats
Can be infected and buffed like humans.
- Does not evolve to Spitter or Regurgitator: due to lack of Hyaciori technology, there are no Hyaciori Shielders, Zombdroids, Mechs, or Loaderbots.

The Hyaciori are a race of sentient creatures. They live on the planet Caerula Scentrosha. They are tall and thin, but they have very dense muscle mass, making them incredibly strong.

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