- Hyper-Devastator -
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First Appearance: Rank 1
Native Habitat: Wut?
Organism Type: Boss
Base HP: 1,000,000,000

10,000,000,000 Savage

Turn Rate: 360 deg/s
Melee Damage: 100000

10000000 Savage

Melee Delay: 12 seconds
Melee Range: 3.99 meters
Ranged Attack Type: Physicalico Physical
Ranged Attack Damage: 3000

30,000 Savage

Ranged Attack Delay: 12 seconds
Resistances: 50% all

90% all when enraged

Movement Speed: 10m/s

30m/s Savage

XP Value: 30,000
Additional Stats
1. Multi-Smash: Uses its Ranged attack 4 times in a row.

2. Grab and Throw: Grabs a close player and throws. If said player hits wall, player will automatically lose 30,000 HP.

3. Blast of Futility: When it dies, the Hyper-Devastator will explode in a final attempt to kill all players. It will do 30,000,000 Physical and Thermal Damage. However, this can be avoided by just hiding behind a wall. In that case, the blast will do 300 Physical Damage.

Summons 1. Devastator Spam; This summon is extremely rare, just like the Hyper-Devastator's spawn rate. But if it spawns, the team is as good as dead. The Hyper-Devastator spawns several Devastators which has the same Damage Reduction as the Hyper-Devastator. Ability When it is 3% health, it's speed increases by 60%.

"Watch out. There is a entity which will kill you and it will do it quick."

~Warning when Hyper-Devastator spawns

A Devastator that was experimented on by scientists, the Hyper-Devastator was accidentally created when aforementioned scientists tried to control it. Instead of controlling it, they accidentally made it smarter and even gave it universal damage reduction. It escaped from the facility, killing most of the scientists and stole the experimental Health-Boost that the scientists were working on for SAS soldiers. This boss is extremely rare and appears more frequently in nightmare mode.

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