This is a page for custom SAS 4 weapons/armor to be posted so that other users can find them easily. If you create a weapon/armor, you can post it here, but please don't unless you're fine with other people using the designs for their weapons/armor. This isn't a page for showing off: It's a page where SAS Conception Wiki users can go to find pictures for their conceptions.

Also restrain from using this page as some kind of "image dump" as we'd like to keep public images at decent quality. Which means simply too generic image with same-old appearance and images with parts that simply do not fit together well will be subject to removal. Other than that, there are no restrictions on what goes here as long as it follows wiki policies.

The conceptions are arranged by manufacturer, and the creator should be listed. If Ninja Kiwi makes another SAS: ZA game, this page's name will be changed to specify that it is for SAS 4, and another page can be made for the new game.

No Specified Manufacturer Edit

Pimp my Gun website, direct swf

HVM Edit

CM Edit

Smoke Stack Edit

RIA Edit

Rancor Edit

Ronson Edit

Shotlite Edit

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