A radio measage intercepted by SAS warriors from Xenon scientists:

"Sir! It's.... It's... It's hunting us down. I dont know what it is, but it wants our blood. It has the weapon. The weapon unleashed it from the darkest part of hell itself. Three other scientists are already dead. It hasntt found me yet. Oh God there it is. NO.... NO...... PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!!!! (A blood churning scream followed by the sound of a knife ripping through flesh) (evil laughter)"

Journey to Hell is a mission in SAS 4. Due to a powerful entity, you are being sent with 3 other SAS members. In order to complete the mission, the player must find all the scientists ( which immediately go to the dropship) and then kill the hell caster. After killing the hell caster (which is the only enemy on this map; it appears periodicly and attacks the SAS, and each time they must deal a certain amount of damage to get it to leave before facing of with a fully healed hell caster at the end.) The SAS must then go back to the ship and leave. Completing the level will reward you with three Xenon strongboxes and any other boxes you picked up. After the first completion, you will recieve only one Xenon strongbox.

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