"High speed, high agility, high intelligence, overall a complete threat to most SAS. Jumpers can climb walls, do high-distance jumps, and are very fast. In other words, they can easily be a trouble, especially when they can regenerate. Savages are even worse, since their extra arm and low weight allows them to be way more agile."
―Official Description


Tier: 4.

HP: 40000 normal, 1200000 savage.

Movement speed: 6 metres per second normal, 12 metres per second savage.

Turn speed: 720 degrees per second.

Melee range: 2.5 metres (what would you expect with those long arms? :|).

Melee damage: 300 normal, 700 savage.

EXP: 1000.

Drop chance: 100%.


Jump: Jumps 40m at the player's direction at the speed of 15 metres per second (savage jumps 70m at speed of 20 metres per second). While jumping, can only be hit by Heavy's air strike ability or similar. Uses this whenever the player is 4m close to the Jumper.

Climb: Jumps into the closest wall and climbs it and stays there for a random time between 3 seconds and 50 seconds (savage stays for twice the time). While on the wall, it's immune to everything but Heavy's air strike ability or similar. When the time it stays on the wall is over it uses Jump ability but it goes at the opposite to the wall it was on. If the player gets 3m close to Jumper while it's on a wall, the Jumper will jump on the player causing 800 damage (savage does 1200 damage) and then use Jump ability. Has 2% chance of doing this each second.

Wall jump (savage only): If it's in a corridor, it jumps into a wall and starts doing a wall jump chain until the corridor ends. The speed of the jumps is 45m per second.

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