"A powerful walker designed by Teknoboom to replace many classes of military walker that have been taken over digitally. With resistance to being infected and a much heavier payload than many walkers before it, the Kaiser is a formidable force on the battlefield."
―Official Description

The Kaiser walker is the focal point of the Feldversuche - der Kaiser mission. Heavily armored and armed despite its faults, using it to the team's advantage is likely the only way they will get through the trial.


The Kaiser walker is equipped with powerful Teknoboom weapons, many of which are far too large for an ordinary player to use. The Kaiser's armament changes with rank.

Ranks 0-25

Sidearm slot - T-110 Langstrecken-Gewehr

Primary slot 1 - Two T-101 Feldhaubitzes

Primary slot 2 - One Gebirgskanone (Overclocked V)

Ranks 26-50

Sidearm slot - T-110 Langstrecken-Gewehr (Deadly X, Pinpoint X)

Primary slot 1 - T-107 Rächer

Primary slot 2 - One Gebirgskanone (Overclocked X, Enlarged X, Deadly V)

Ranks 51-75 - Starting for this rank, Kaiser gains a redder paint job and is referred to as "groß-Kaiser"

Sidearm slot - T-109 Sonnenstrahl-Kanone

Primary slot 1 - T-107 Rächer

Primary slot 2 - Two T-102 Jagdfaust [RED] (Overclocked V, Enlarged X)

Ranks 76-100

Sidearm slot - T-107 Rächer

Primary slot 1 - T-103 Feldmörtel [RED]

Primary slot 2 - Two T-102 Jagdfaust [RED] (Overclocked X, Enlarged X, Deadly X)