Weapon Conception
- Kaizen Bunsen -
HVM 007 BunsenCredit to SAS 4 Heavy Gracchus
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 100 (Normal), 260 (RED), 390 (BLACK)
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 80 (Normal), 160 (RED), 240 (BLACK)
Over 2 seconds
Pierce 4
Rate of Fire 12
Capacity 130
Reload Time 2.8 seconds
Area of Effect 0.5 Meters
Movement -15%
Firing Mode Full auto
Weapon Class Flamethrower
Damage Type Physical and Thermal
Approx. Drop Level 25 (Normal), 65 (RED and BLACK)
Ammo Cost $250 for 260 (Normal),$ 2500 for 260 (RED), $3000 for 260 (BLACK)
"Specialized built-in Bunsen burner allows for combustion of any fine powder in the right powder/air ratio, piercing and burning the target."
―In game description

Basic Summary Edit

The Kaizen Bunsen is a Full auto flamethrower designed and manufactured by Kaizen Corp. It is a very effective at horde controlling. What sets it apart from other flamethrower is that after the ammunition is burned over the built in Bunsen Burner, it is shot at high velocity at the target, allowing the projectiles to pierce and burn the target.

After Kaizen Corp. released this weapon, demand skyrocketed so much that HVM was contracted and given a license to produce badge engineered versions of this weapon. However, due to HVM's involvement in a conspiracy, the license has not been renewed, and HVM no longer produces it.

Playing Style Edit

Compared to the Ronson WP Flamethrower, the Bunsen beats the WP in DPS, movement penalty, reload time, and has multiple types of damage. These qualities make it great for crowds of zombies, and also makes it more viable for bossing, since the player has less movement restriction and is able to deal more damage. However, the WP has a bigger capacity, faster fire rate, more DOT, and more pierce, making the WP also good for hordes, and is more viable if the player wants to immobilize zombies for a long time while burning them to death (with the correct skills). However, the WP has a heavier movement penalty. If you are stuck between the WP and the Bunsen, consider your playing style. If you want a pure crowd controlling and immobilizing weapon (with the right skills), go for the WP. If you want a more versatile weapon that is also good for hordes, pick the Bunsen.

Recommended Augs Edit

Deadly: The first choice for nearly all weapons. Allows it to deal more initial damage and lets it kill faster.

Overclocked: Allows for a faster rate of fire, making the weapon deal more DPS, and making it more viable for crowd controlling. It also makes it better immobilizing weapon (with the correct skills).

Adaptive:  Allows it to kill off thermal and physical resisting zombies easier. Makes it more versatile. It's also a crucial aug for Nightmare Mode.

Capacity: Another helpful aug, since the Bunsen's capacity is a bit small for a high ROF flamethrower. Allows it to shoot longer and kill more enemies before reload is needed. Helps offset the increased ammo consumption caused by augmenting Overclocked.

Other Facts Edit

  • One of the only weapons to deal multiple types of damage (in this case, Physical and Thermal damage), making it very unique.
  • Its badge engineered twin, the HVM 007 Bunsen, has been discontinued.
  • This weapon takes advantages of controlled dust explosions.
  • The Bunsen part of the name derives from the fact that there is a built in Bunsen Burner in this weapon. The Bunsen Burner is named after Robert Bunsen.
  • Kaizen Corp.'s first flamethrower.

Credit goes to SAS 4 Heavy Gracchus. Thanks!

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