Weapon Conception
- Kaizen Burnout -

Credit goes to Hunter-1-2-1

Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 750 (Normal), 150 (RED), 225 (BLACK)
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 250 (Normal), 500 (RED), 750 (BLACK)
Pierce 2
Rate of Fire 20
Capacity 50,000 (Normal), 75,000 (RED), 100,000 (BLACK)
Reload Time None
Movement -20%
Firing Mode Full auto
Weapon Class Laser
Damage Type Thermal
Approx. Drop Level 65 (Normal), 100 (RED and BLACK)
Ammo Cost $500 for 500 (Normal), $1000 for 500 (RED and BLACK)
Ammo Used [?] Special focusing crystals from Helios Fabrication Corp.
Additional Stats
One crystal is used per game, no matter the duration

It cannot reload during a game

"Using an seemingly endless beam of intensified infrared energy to set nearly all targets on fire. Powered by Helios Fabrication Corp.'s Special Focusing Crystals."
―In game description

Basic Summary Edit

The Kaizen Burnout is a full auto thermal laser designed and manufactured by Kaizen Corp. It's powered by special focusing crystals supplied by Helios Fabrication Corp. Unique mechanisms of the laser include the fact that it only uses one (relatively low cost) crystal per game, making it much more viable to operate than nearly all other guns.

Playing Style Edit

This laser trades ROF for a larger capacity, more damage, DOT, and actual pierce. It's also packs loads of value, with cheap ammo and low cost operation. It's more of a versatility gun, being designed for bossing, but also doing well in crowd controlling and stunning. However, use it wisely, as it cannot reload once it depletes the life of the crystal.

Recommended Augs Edit

Deadly: The first choice for nearly all weapons. Allows it to deal more initial damage and lets it kill faster.

Tenacious: Allowing this weapon to deal more DOT, meaning that when you shoot the zombie, there is a higher chance you can just forget the zombie and let it die, saving bullets fired. This also comes in handy during bossing, especially against fast and pesky enemies like the Necrosis, Runners, and Spitters.

Overclocked: Allows for a faster rate of fire, making the weapon deal more DPS, and making it more viable for crowd controlling. It also makes it better immobilizing weapon (with the correct skills).

Adaptive:  Allows it to kill off Thermal resisting zombies easier. Makes it more versatile. It's also a crucial aug for Nightmare Mode.

Capacity: Another helpful aug, since the clip can be drained in a matter of seconds. Allows it to shoot longer and kill more enemies before reload is needed. Helps offset the increased ammo consumption caused by augmenting Overclocked. Also allows the user to use it more per game, as it cannot reload during a game

More Facts Edit

  • It's the first Kaizen Corp. laser
  • It's inspired by the various lasers in the game Indestructible
  • It cannot reload during a game
  • Race Modded cannot be augmented in this weapon

  • It's a very rare weapon to find

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