Weapon Conception
- Kaizen Crossbow 2.0 -
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Statistical Info
Ammunition Material Titanium, Magnesium, White Phosphorus, Thermite
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 250 (Normal), 600 (RED), 950 (BLACK)
Total DoT/Projectile [?] 1000 (Normal), 1500 (RED), 2000 (BLACK)
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 5
Capacity 12
Reload Time 2 seconds
Movement -5%
Firing Mode Semi auto
Weapon Class Pistol/sidearm
Damage Type Thermal
Approx. Drop Level 50 (Normal), 100 (RED and BLACK)
Ammo Cost $100 for 500, $1000 for 500
Additional Stats
+5 chance for crit

+5% chance to gib

-50% chance to attract enemies per shot

"Igniting Magnesium arrows and shooting them at high speeds proves devastating to any target. Advanced force multiplying mechanism in the crossbow and lightweight bows provide higher velocity of the projectiles."
―In game description

Basic Summary Edit

The Kaizen Crossbow 2.0 is a sniper pistol developed by Kaizen Corp. An oddball in the pistol category, it ignites the arrow right after being launched via a crossbow. This gun never uses explosives to fire the arrow. Therefore, it fires quieter than conventional guns, and is the weapon choice in situations where stealth is the #1 priority. It's a much viable competitor to the Spear-Pistol. Some players can argue that this is a hybrid between a RIA 50, the HIKS S300, and the crossbow.

Playing Style Edit

Overall, the playing style is similar to conventional sniper rifles like the HIKS S300 and the RIA 50. These weapons are designed to take out a significant/important target from a long distance, like a boss (pun not intended). Like the RIA 50, this gun can also slice through crowds from a distance. Advantages over these 2 are the fact that it won't take up a primary slot, leaving a slot open for another powerful weapon with a different function, and the significantly lower movement penalty. Compared to it's competitor, the Spear-Pistol, it fires much faster, has smaller movement penalty, has Dot, higher capacity, and shorter reload time. This comes at the cost of initial damage, but the higher ROF makes it much more viable for combat. This is one of the few pistols that are actually decent at bossing.

Recommended Augs Edit

Deadly: The first choice for nearly all weapons. Allows it to deal more initial damage and lets it kill faster.

Tenacious: Allowing this weapon to deal more DOT, meaning that when you shoot the zombie, there is a higher chance you can just forget the zombie and let it die, saving bullets fired. This also comes in handy during bossing, especially against fast and pesky enemies like the Necrosis, Runners, and Spitters.

Adaptive:  Allows it to kill off Thermal resisting zombies easier. Makes it more versatile. It's also a crucial aug for Nightmare Mode.

Capacity: Another helpful aug, since the clip can be drained in a matter of seconds (around 2 seconds to be exact). Allows it to shoot longer and kill more enemies before reload is needed.

More Facts Edit

  • It is part of Kaizen Corp.'s "Legends" series of weapons, consisting of revived and improved weapons of well known weapons from the past.
  • One of the only Thermal and sniper pistols ever conceived
  • Kaizen Corp.'s first Thermal pistol
  • Compared to a traditional bow and arrow, crossbows are easy to use, effective in combat, and accuracy. However, they tend to be clumsier, are not a efficient, and have a slower ROF. It's invention is China would change warfare forever, as large groups of inexperienced troops could use it effectively, while using a bow required much more skill and a lifetime of experience
  • As rare as a Trailblazer
  • Has the inaccuracy of a Ronson 45

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